The Goozell Premium Turkish Coffee Experience

Goozell Premium Turkish Coffee

Goozell Premium Turkish Coffee

At Goozell, we have had numerous customers ask about Goozell Coffee and what makes it…Great!
If you order a traditional coffee in Turkey, it will be made from special beans ground to the consistency of baby powder in a small open pot over a stove top. Then it is served in small cups, which after it settles, you sip and enjoy a deep rich coffee without the bitterness normally associated with a strong brew.
At Goozell, we wanted to create a blend that could be brewed in a conventional coffee maker yet still maintain that deep rich flavor of Turkish Coffee without the bitterness. Goozell Coffee imports beans from Turkey utilized in the traditional Turkish coffee to create its unique gourmet blend, yet our coffee has a more course grind allowing us to use a standard brewer.
Goozell Coffee is not for the faint of heart and may wake you up more than expected compared to your standard cup of coffee; BUT Goozell Coffee is a true Turkish Blend with magnificent flavors and spellbinding aromas.
Goozell Coffee is offered by the cup or in one-half pound double sealed coffee bags to enjoy at home.
Goozell Yogurt is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of historic downtown Golden, CO at 1200 Washington Avenue. Inquires can be sent to or for additional information please go to

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