Goozell Yogurt & Coffee named 2013 Best FroYo Shop in Denver

Goozell Yogurt & Coffee named 2013 Best FroYo Shop

Goozell Yogurt & Coffee named 2013 Best FroYo Shop

Today, Goozell Yogurt & Coffee was named 2013 Best FroYo Shop by Denver A-List voters.

Denver A-List had over 146,000 votes to determine this year’s winners in numerous categories with more than 7,800 nominees to be named the BEST of Denver. (Denver A-List: Goozell Announcement)

Goozell Yogurt & Coffee is a gem in the heart of Historic Downtown Golden, CO. Goozell is not only a strong fixture on Golden’s main street, Washington Avenue, but also a strong fixture in the community by supporting many local schools, charities, sporting events and more.

When asked what makes Goozell stand out, owner Brandon Narva had the following to say, “Always care for your employees, your shop, your product, your customers and your community. We owe everything to the people around us. Thank you everyone for the kind recognition of Goozell. Şerefe!”

The word Şerefe is Turkish, meaning, “To Your Honor”.

The Turkish reference is no surprise, as Goozell has strong Turkish roots. Brandon’s wife Medine was born and raised in Turkey. The word Goozell also comes from Turkish origins (Güzel ) meaning, “beauty of people, places, food and life passions.” Contrary to many beliefs, the origins of Yogurt can be traced back to Turkey via 2000 BC central asia turkic-mongol tribes.

As their name states, Goozell Yogurt & Coffee, is not just great yogurt. Goozell has a full espresso bar and imports coffee beans from Turkey to create their own custom blend of premium Coffee.

When you enter Goozell you are struck with images of ‘Evil Eyes’ throughout. A name that is misleading. Evil Eyes are ancient talismans’ thought to ward away evil and bring good luck. Goozell imports these during Medine’s visits to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey along with bags and jewelry sold in the store.


Goozell Yogurt & Coffee is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of historic downtown Golden, CO at 1200 Washington Avenue. Inquires can be sent to or for additional information please go to


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