Goozell is now “Goozell Yogurt and Coffee House”


Goozell Yogurt and Coffee

Goozell Yogurt and Coffee. Goozell has added a full service coffee and espresso bar to their store in Golden, CO

Alongside the top rated Goozell Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt, Goozell has added a full service coffee and espresso bar to their store at 1200 Washington Avenue in Golden, CO.

Since the introduction of Goozell Turkish Blend Coffee, numerous baristas visiting the store have given the brew exceptional ratings. Goozell is excited to continue the tradition of offering amazing yogurt in a clean, warm, friendly atmosphere. Now with a side of the shop committed to exceptional coffee and specialty drinks.

The new coffee menu follows the Turkish theme throughout the store. Goozell created a turkish blend brewed in a conventional coffee maker while maintaining that deep rich flavor of Turkish Coffee without the bitterness often found in many dark roasts. Goozell Coffee imports beans from Turkey utilized in the traditional Turkish coffee to create its unique gourmet blend. Goozell has also developed its own a Decaf brew with the same rich Turkish flavors.

For those who have become entranced by this amazing brew, Goozell Coffee is also available at it’s online store for home delivery (

With Goozell open daily until 10 or 11pm at night, it provides a great option for those looking for a spot to visit away from the bar atmosphere after most local locations are closed. Goozell offers premium self-serve yogurt, gourmet soups, espresso drinks, their own blend of Turkish coffee and great WiFi access. With a seating area overlooking the heart of Golden, Goozell has become a premier destination for tourists and locals alike.

Goozell Yogurt is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of historic downtown Golden, CO at 1200 Washington Avenue. Goozell offers gourmet self-service frozen yogurt, a full espresso bar and their own custom blend of premium Turkish Coffee. Inquires can be sent to or for additional information please go to

Goozell Coffee and Espresso Menu

A preview of the new Goozell Coffee and Espresso Menu

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