About Us:

Goozell™ & GOOZELL YOGURT & COFFEE™ is a family owned and operated llc based at 1200 Washington Avenue in the historic downtown district of Golden, CO.

Goozell Yogurt™ is a premium self-serve/pay-per-ounce Yogurt Bar/Cafe catering to the health conscious individual and families. Goozell Coffee™ is our own custom blend of beans imported from Turkey incorporated with other world blends. We are committed to providing a clean, modern, fun and friendly establishment where Goozell can offer its guests the highest quality indulgences.

The name “Goozell” comes from the Turkish word “Güzel” (pronounced ‘goo-zel’), meaning ‘beautiful’. In Turkish, Güzel is associated with beauty and passion in people, food, places and life. Not to be left out, the word "Yogurt" is Turkish in origin. The history of Yogurt can be traced back to 2000 BC central asia turkic-mongol tribes.

What is the round symbol between 'Goozell' and 'Yogurt' in the logo? This is a common symbol you can see in Turkey called an 'evil-eye'. It is similar to a 'rabbit foot', 'four-leaf clover' or 'dream catcher'. The idea of an evil-eye is to ward away bad stuff and promote good luck. You can see this design in numerous jewelry designs, hanging on walls, clothing and more. We think it is a cool symbol and like the idea of good luck for all.